Protection of personal data

“SAJIC CONSULTING”, in cooperation with LAW FIRM “SAJIC”, provides its clients with advisory services and practical solutions regarding the application of domestic and international regulations governing the area of data protection, with an aim of complying and respecting the right to privacy as one of the basic human rights.


Members of our GDPR Team are licensed Data Protection Officers (DPOs) who deal on the daily basis with the most diverse requirements of clients, since there are many business entities in BIH with foreign founders and thus their business is directed not only towards the EU countries, but also towards other countries in the world. In our business, we strive to find and offer our clients the most practical solutions through a professional approach, in order to achieve a balance between the protection of personal data and the right to privacy on the one hand, as well as the risk and compliance with statutory regulations on the other, while at the same time making it as easy as possible the process of work and the achievement of economic goals.


Due to the extremely severe penalties prescribed by the GDPR in case of misuse of personal data and disrespect of the right to privacy, there is an increased interest of business entities in BiH to harmonize their business with the requirements of this regulation, which is why we have decided to make our licensed Data Protection Officers available to all interested business entities.


Our Data Protection Team provides the following services:

– Advising on the application of respective statutory regulations in the field of personal data protection,

– Development of general internal documents that regulate data protection with the controller (data protection policy, rulebooks, etc.),

– Drafting written consent for data processing,

– Preparing the text of consent of the data holder,

– Preparing a contract for data processing between the controller and the data-processor or sub-data-processor,

– Support in the implementation of organizational and technical measures for data protection,

– Support in establishing and keeping records of personal data collections,

– Registration of personal data collections with the competent authorities,

– Representation in court proceedings (administrative disputes, compensation of damages, etc.),

– Other services that may be provided in connection with the protection of personal data and the right to privacy.