Sajic Consulting, within the scope of its activities, also enables participation in the program called Academy, which presents a novelty in this area and the same is designed with an aim to enable trainees that on the basis of a quality practical education and professional training work independently in legal practice.

The program of the Academy is intended for students who need specific professional training, but also for all lawyers who are in need of additional practical knowledge in certain areas of law, which they have not previously dealt with in their professional work, nor could have gained the necessary experience.

The program is divided into the following teaching areas: Labour Law, Commercial Law, Civil Procedure, Executive Procedure, Court Register and accompanying activities, Family and Inheritance Law, Property and Damages.

Practical training is carried out by experts who, on the basis of their professional experience, can in the best way introduce the participants of the Academy with the basic questions of the profession, dilemmas and manners of overcoming specific issues in practice in various areas of law.

Training classes are held three times a week for two hours, lasting for an average of two months, and all trainees will be assigned mentors. Sajic Consulting maintains the program of the Academy twice a year, in the spring and autumn, and therefore we inform all interested candidates through the website and social networks.