Stables community

Sajić Consulting d.o.o. Banja Luka, within a wide range of services offered to its customers, provides, among other things, a specially created package of services for the Community of floor owners.

The owner of the floor owners is a mandatory form of organizing the tenants prescribed by the provisions of the Law on the Maintenance of the Republika Srpska buildings, in order to carry out the affairs of managing the joint parts of the building as co-ownership and joint use of the community. A regular record of financial operations is also a legal obligation of all registered communities of floor owners, which leads to a transparent and law-based business. This prevents any kind of misuse and embezzlement of funds that represent the common property of all floor owners.

By concluding a contract on the conduct of business books and accounting services, Sajić Consulting d.o.o. Banja Luka offers the following types of services and benefits for its clients:

– FREE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE JOINT OWNERS COMMUNITY, for those floor owners who have not yet formed ZEV, which includes the preparation of all the necessary acts, and submitting a request for registration to the competent authority,

– ACCOUNTING SERVICES, which include the recording of all business changes through the Diary and the General ledger, records of changes in the analytical records of liabilities and receivables, current financial operations, cash register, payments on behalf of ZEV, VAT calculation, records of all payments and payments, records regular and irregular payments, and making an annual account (final account).

– FREE REPRESENTATIVE SERVICES REPRESENTATIONS IN PROCEEDINGS AGAINST UNEVED PAYMENTS, which includes sending a warning to the lawsuit and filing a complaint with the competent court against those floor owners who do not regularly settle their obligations towards the Community, all in cooperation with the partner law office


Sajić Consultnig d.o.o. After conclusion of a contract with the Community, Banja Luka, after concluding a contract with the Community, calculates the costs related to regular and investment maintenance for each unit unit individually on a monthly basis with a specification for each apartment, and on the basis of that, compiles or issues an account to each floor owner who is delivered in the mailbox of the storey owner. This ensures the absolute transparency of all business transactions in the Community and prevents any financial misuse.

The price for the provision of all the above services is only 3,00 KM per one floor unit on a monthly basis, while the price for the preparation of the annual report is determined in the additional amount of 50,00 KM one-off.