Tax consulting

We provide services in the field of tax consulting, in accordance with the recipes applied in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the field of indirect taxes (VAT), which is unique on the territory of BiH, as well as in the field of direct taxes regulated at the entity level.

By providing services in this field, we are dealing with a long period of time, thus gaining a lot of experience in the practice of tax authorities at all levels in BiH, which is why our mission is to prepare every transaction for our client in any segment of tax law adequately, allowing maximum protection of our rights as well as to optimally use the available tax deductions

Our team consists of experienced individuals, who for years successfully advise large companies in complicated transactions and small entrepreneurs, natural persons.

Our services are:

general tax consulting, tax planning
advising in the area of ​​customs regulations, regulations regulating the origin of goods, use of customs exemptions and facilities
participation with tax authorities in tax controls, and advice on these procedures
counseling in proceedings before the Indirect Taxation Authority

Tax issues are complicated and require a thorough analysis of porcelain rice. Thanks to our rich experience, we can provide our clients with adequate assistance and services in the field of tax consulting