Employment consulting

Sajić Consulting offers services of finding an adequate and qualified workforce in accordance with the needs of clients, i.e. mediates in employment.

Thanks to the numerous companies, we work with and detailed labor market research, we can successfully facilitate in providing the most adequate staff. We maintain an extensive network of business contacts and are experienced in providing employers with employees in accordance with the required qualifications.

Sajic Consulting actively cooperates with employers during the entire selection and recruitment procedure, and we adapt to specific requirements, if any.
We carry out a standard procedure consisting of collecting and checking documentation, testing language skills, checking qualifications and throughout the process we conduct several interviews with a potential candidate. Therefore, for our clients we take over the entire process of recruitment and selection of candidates.

In this way, we particularly enable foreign employers to find qualified local staff without additional travel costs and in accordance with their requirements we carry out the entire selection process and in the end obtain all the necessary permits.

We believe that this way of working and organizing has enabled our clients, in addition to saving time and resources, to select the most competent worker in the shortest possible time.