SAJIC CONSULTING” provides its clients with accounting services in which, in addition to bookkeeping, it can offer controlling and planning financial operations and transactions, analysis of the economic situation of the company, accounting planning, accounting control and supervision. We also provide answers to various issues in financial accounting and tax consulting and make analyses and financial reports. Our goal is to provide our clients with the most adequate solution for each specific situation.

The bookkeeping services we provide include:
• Financial, inventory and material accounting
• Recording of fixed assets
• Calculation of salaries and other earnings
• E-banking and preparation of written payment orders
• Checking-in/checking-out of workers with competent institution, 
• Refunds (maternity leave, sick leave, etc.)
• Creation and filing tax reports
• Creation and filing VAT returns
• Drafting and submitting the statutory reports
• Preparing and submitting the financial statements

We can carry out complete management of your business as part of accounting services or we can offer only certain services. The services we provide are adapted to the needs and requirements of our clients (large, medium and small enterprises).

You can contact us by email or phone and request a quote or a meeting.